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Let me introduce my self. My name is "KAT" as I said on former article. Im researching in a university in iwate, japan. I'm taking picture, listening music (mainly classic and jazz) and riding bicycle (It will be introduced later) in off-day. But, in many off-day, the research arrests me in laboratory.

The photograph shows my figure under pine tree in matsushima, miyagi. But please notice that this photograph was taken by my friend "Ytaro" (Not me, but this photo is second photo in my blog...). His flickr is He have been my friend since about 15 years ago. He is HENTAI man but good friend.

As you can see the photograph, Im not tall. Many people, especially foreigners, will say or think that my age is 5~6 lower than real age on first meeting. But people who know me so well say that you are midlife, because my behaviors as usual look like midlifer. I like "DAJARE" (= equivoque) called "OYAJIGYAGU". Its very funny and exciting for me, but young people dont understand that (They always say "uwaaa" or "Sabuu"). I will try to say "DAJARE" in japanese in bottom of every article. Please please enjoy that!




というわけで,今日は自己紹介でした。しょうかい (=そうかい)


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Kat-Snaps! opened

ASAGAO -青い朝顔

Hi, all. I'm KAT, tktuyuki is my Excite account name. This blog brings you "Henteko" photos with my unspectacular life. Henteko means "strange" and "funny" in japanese. The articles will be written in bad english and japanse to train my english skill.I will be very glad if you let me know mistakes in my english (also japanes...).

The photographs in the articles are taken by my camera and uploaded to my Flickr. The URL is A photograph will be attached with every articles.

Today's photograph shows "ASAGAO". Asagao is one of flower in japan. Asa and gao mean "morning" and "face", respectively. This flower opens every moring in summer in japan. In my campus, asagao is planted on a wall of a buliding and the wall is coverd with asagao ivy.

My camera and english skills are not good, but I'll try to sharp my skills with this blog.

Please enjoy!




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